Our Journey

Before Cheshire Granite

At the beginning of 2006 I was working in sales, and had been for the last 5 years after leaving the Army Air Corps, when a friend asked me to work with him installing granite worktops for a company called Arte Di Granito based in Widnes. Unfortunately this didn't last long as the company was having the worktops fabricated abroad and couldn't compete with other UK companies. We then went on to install for a number of different companies across the northwest, completing 1-2 installations a day.

The Original "Cheshire Granite"

I found I really enjoyed working with stone and seeing the customers reactions of joy when the worktops where installed. So in August 2008, with the help of my partner, I decided to open Cheshire Granite as a sole trader and built my own 3.2 metre bench saw. We started building a website but couldn't use www. cheshiregranite .co.uk because a company I had previously installed for knew our intentions and company name and bought the domain name before us. Oh well, not to worry. 

In the end we decided to have www.cheshire-granite.co.uk. The process was difficult in the beginning with everything being shaped and polished by hand, very slow and laborious but quality and finish has always been important to us. At the beginning of 2010 we bought a bigger semi-automatic bench saw with more features to improve cutting efficiency, a sink processing machine to cut and polish sink cut outs/recessed drainers and a draining groove machine. We were flying! 

The ORIGINAL Cheshire Granite Limited

The ORIGINAL Cheshire Granite Limited

Cheshire Granite Limited

In February 2011 we registered Cheshire Granite Limited as a limited company and built a new website to improve our internet presence and customer experience. Our business plan was, and still is, to increase production speed while maintaining excellent quality and to give our customers an exceptional product and service from start to end.


Granite & Quartz Worktops UK By Cheshire Granite Limited

Over the next coming years we noticed another couple of companies not too far away with similar names to us, one even claims to be based in Runcorn. I suppose we should be flattered that somebody would want to copy us, or be named so similarly, but it caused nothing but confusion with customers and suppliers. This is when we added Granite & Quartz Worktops UK to our name to try to differentiate us from the ever growing crowd of Cheshire Granite names that have popped up between then and now e.g Cheshire Granite Worktops, Cheshire Granite Direct, Cheshire Granite Zone, Cheshire Granite Line


Cheshire Granite Limited Today

Despite all the sheep in the granite worktop industry we have grown into a thriving, family run company with a great reputation for quality and we are regularly booking in work from recommendations off friends and family of our happy customers. Today the worktops we install are fabricated on state of the art, fully automatic machinery which ensures an accurate and beautifully crafted worktop every time.

Machines used to fabricate your worktops

2 x Automatic Bridge Saws

1 x Automatic CNC Bridge Saw

2 x Automatic CNC Machines

1 x Automatic Edge Polisher

1 x Wire Saw